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Tuareg Good Luck Bracelet

Koumama Collective, Niger, Africa

Silver Cuff – an elaborately hand-etched bracelet, a traditional design meant to bring Good Luck. 1” graduated solid silver, adjustable, ball cap ends.

Though sometimes etching is done with modern tools, artisans often still use screwdrivers to create intricate patterns.

Please note – pieces are made to order and embellishments and motifs may vary slightly.


Tuareg designs are distinctive and collected the world over. Pure silver is hand-etched. Other indigenous materials used in the designs include ebony wood, amber, lapis, green and blue agate and leather.

Skilled artisans working with the Koumama Collective of Niger, Africa, handcraft our Tuareg Collection. The Collective’s proceeds support over two hundred community members living in both Agadez and Niamey, Niger. We’re thrilled to share their beautiful work.


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This item was made by Koumama Collective, Niger, Africa.
Price: $275.00

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