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Petite BonBon Necklace (Vibrant 4 tier)

KIF KIF, in Marrakech, Morocco

Turquoise Mini Bonbon (shown LEFT)

This petite version of our four strand bonbon necklace uses a turquoise cords of sabra (or Moroccan ‘silk’) studded with tiny assorted shapes crocheted in bright colored iridescent and metallic threads. This necklace adds a wink of glamor day or night.

Also available:
Crochet BonBon Necklace Red, Single Tier
Crochet BonBon Necklace Vibrant, Two Tier

In this video, meet designer Stef Benetiere creator of KIF KIF. Also, be sure to read our story about Stef and her harmonious relationship with Morocco here.

This item was made by KIF KIF, in Marrakech, Morocco.
Price: $110.00

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