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Gilded Steel Cuff, Vertabrale

Mi Ossa, Port au Prince, Haiti

Gilded Steel Cuff, Vertabrale

Re-purposing materials is a way of life in many places around the world. Creating beautiful wearable art with re-purposed oil drum steel is the work of craftsmen! This steel cuff is hand chiseled and gilded in white gold leaf.

The elegant gladiator design represents the power of the spine, a structure that supports all our movement forward! Help us spread the word and give small batch producers a big voice.

Crafted in a Haitian workshop and gilded at Mi Ossa, USA. Each piece is somewhat unique due to its handmade nature. Steel is very strong making these up-cycled cuffs durable and long lasting.

This item was made by Mi Ossa, Port au Prince, Haiti.
Price: $52.00

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