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Gilded Snake Charm Necklace

Mi Ossa, Port au Prince, Haiti

Gilded Snake Charm Necklace, leather, 36” drop

The snake charm, symbolizing our creative power in Haitian Vodou iconography, is crafted from re-purposed oil drum steel that is flattened and worked by hand with a hammer and nail.
The durable steel is delicately gilded in white gold leaf; the back filled with aubergine resin.
A natural, grey braided and hand stitched leather strap, and its long tassel gives a bohemian chic flare!

Also available in Crossroads with tinted-blue leather tassel

Crafted in a Haitian workshop and gilded at Mi Ossa, USA. Each piece is somewhat unique due to its handmade nature.

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This item was made by Mi Ossa, Port au Prince, Haiti.
Price: $198.00