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Crochet BonBon Necklace (Vibrant 2 tier)

KIF KIF, in Marrakech, Morocco

Crochet BonBon necklace. Sabra (or ‘Moroccan silk’) is luminescent, paired with metallic threads you get this totally unique fun summer accent.

From a thick Royal Blue Cord (shown center) hang two staggered tiers dotted with assorted shaped bonbons crocheted in wildly bright colored metallic threads. Don’t let this fool you. It may look simple, but crocheting each bonbon for this single necklace may take up to one week!

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In this video, meet designer Stef Benetiere creator of KIF KIF. Also, be sure to read our story about Stef and her harmonious relationship with Morocco here.

This item was made by KIF KIF, in Marrakech, Morocco.
Price: $138.00