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Clay Witt Charm Bracelet

Clay Witt for Mi Ossa, USA

Clay Witt Charm Bracelet

Five Sterling Silver Vodou Charms: Clay Witt designed Vodou icons lost-wax cast in sterling silver; sterling silver linked chain.

Representing immortality (coffin), ancestry (skull), purity (veve), intellect and creativity (snake) and nobility (leopard)


Clay Witt is a multi-media painter whose work prominently features landscapes and beasts, both real and mythical. He’s now working with Haitian artisans and interpreting Vodou iconography in his work as Artistic Director at Mi Ossa, an artisanal product design company based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This item was made by Clay Witt for Mi Ossa, USA.
Price: $750.00

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