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Leather Mosaic Candle, Small

La Maison Fenyadi, in Marrakech, Morocco

Small candle, hand crafted in Akkal’s Marrakech factory, in glass tumbler with cut leather mosaic wrap. Use this cup long after the candle has burned away.

For a larger size – see the Large Leather Mosaic Candles.

Clockwise from top center – color & scent:

  • Fuchsia: ylang (reputation as an aphrodisiac; sweet strong floral smell)
  • White: vanilla
  • Black: espices
  • Bronze: cedar
  • Turquoise: ‘under the rain’  (grassy and fresh)
  • Red: frangipanier (Plumeria flower; light sweet fresh)
  • Gold: argan oil (certainly unique, but not a heavy smell)
This item was made by La Maison Fenyadi, in Marrakech, Morocco.
Price: $38.00

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