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Suede Storage Bin

KIF KIF, in Marrakech, Morocco

Price ranges from: $38.00 – $158.00 

Our Suede Storage Bins are a simple, yet beautiful storage solution. Colorful suede leather on the outside, 100% un-dyed cotton canvas on the inside, and a matching tassel for a bit of Moroccan flair!

Our deconstructed bins in three sizes and five colors solve all sorts of closet and storage needs in any room from the bath, baby, to pantry.  Pick your size by its use or mix and match your size and color. One or five creates a unique look to a dull problem everyone faces, hiding “stuff.”


In this video, meet designer Stef Benetiere creator of KIF KIF. Also, be sure to read our story about Stef and her harmonious relationship with Morocco here.

This item was made by KIF KIF, in Marrakech, Morocco.
Price: $38.00

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