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Paper Mache Deer

Caribbean Craft, Haiti

Papier Mâché wall art
French text
Deer (small)
With a small, clean puncture on the back all you need is a long nail, a solid wall and a hammer to hang this wall art.


We fell in love with the French text used to create these sweet creatures – also see our ram, petite rhino and elephant!

This Port-au-Prince based company creates paper mache sculptures from locally sourced, recycled materials. The artisans use a mold, and each piece is handcrafted creating wonderful variation from one to another.

Steady growth and new product development will allow Caribbean Craft to continue employing locals, teaching skills and cycling money back into the Haitian economy. And we continue to adore the wall art they create!

This item was made by Caribbean Craft, Haiti.
Price: $98.00