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Little Big Kech 2

Simon Sailot, in Marrakech, Morocco

SMALL: $148.00  LARGER: $298.00

The photographs from the Little Big Kech series are produced using the Tilt-Shift technique. This photographic process consists of creating an artificial depth of field that affects our perception of the scale of the scene being photographed, perceiving it as a miniature. This results in a sequence of perplexing images of Marrakech.

These ship in a cardboard tube, unframed on high quality paper.

Inkjet prints UltraChrome K3, on glossy paper 285gr. Light resistant.

Prints are signed and numbered.
Large format/ 50
Small format/ 100

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This item was made by Simon Sailot, in Marrakech, Morocco.
Price: $148.00

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