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‘Faja Roja’ Striped Pillow

El Camino de Los Altos, Mexico

20×20 Pillow, Red ground with colorful, intricately woven stripes.

100% Cotton: hand-woven by women using small, portable back-strap looms. The fabric is durable, tightly woven and soft.

The stripe series of pillows are inspired by the traditional dress of women in Pantleho and Oxchuc, Mexico. Faja Roja translates to red belt.

20” by 20”
Feather Down Pillow Insert (90/10)
Deep envelope closure
Dry clean only


El Camino de Los Altos is a non-profit weaving cooperative employing over 130 artisans located in Chiapas in southern Mexico.

This item was made by El Camino de Los Altos, Mexico.
Price: $148.00

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