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Classic Moroccan Pouf

KIF KIF, in Marrakech, Morocco

A traditional Moroccan Pouf, or floor cushion, is a functional and timeless way to add true Moroccan style to any room.

You can find leather poufs throughout Morocco, but walk further on into Marrakech’s leather souks, and you may discover the expert craftsperson producing for those who sell the very best. Our cushions are hand produced from start to finish; cuts of vibrant hide are stitched together and hand embroidered with threads to match.

Midnight Blue, Purple, Fuchsia, Powder Pink
Or choose leather in Metallic Silver (add $20.00.)


In this video, meet designer Stef Benetiere creator of KIF KIF. And read our story about Stef and her harmonious relationship with Morocco here.

This item was made by KIF KIF, in Marrakech, Morocco.
Price: $165.00

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