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Brocade Pillow, Red-orange

El Camino de Los Altos, Mexico

Hand-woven brocade fabric pillow in Red-orange with mushroom background.

100% Mercerized cotton is durable, tightly woven and soft.

The pillow highlights an intricate traditional design woven by Mayan women on small, portable back-strap looms. The elegant brocade’s subtle two-tone colors can be easily mixed.

20” by 20”
22” Feather Down Pillow Insert (90/10)
Deep envelope closure
Dry clean only

Solid brocades are also available in golden ochre, turquoise, purple, mushroom, and white with dots.

El Camino de Los Altos is a non-profit weaving cooperative employing over 130 artisans located in Chiapas in southern Mexico.

This item was made by El Camino de Los Altos, Mexico.
Price: $168.00

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