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Renaut Tunic, 42″ L

AYA, in Marrakech, Morocco

The thick placket is what makes this piece so stunning (no jewelry needed!). Handmade using only 100% imported Linen. A triangular motif with a contrasting pompom is embroidered entirely by hand and a single garment may take up to one week to produce. Dry Clean only.

Watch the video – Nawal, remarkable fashion designer native to Marrakech, takes Kay on a tour of the studio, Aya, and the two discuss building a global community of artisans.

Aya provided her size chart. We have converted it to inches. We encourage you to take some time and use our size chart. Also available: the 47″ Renaut Tunic and the 30″ Renaut Tunic.

This item was made by AYA, in Marrakech, Morocco.
Price: $418.00

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