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Ikat Cap Sleeve Tunic, Cotton

Bibi Hanum, Uzbekistan

Our long Cap Sleeve Tunic is perfect worn as a dress with sandals, or when paired with slim pants, high heels and jewelry you’re ready for a night out with the girls!

Hand-woven ikat fabric, 100% cotton, shown here in Pink/Periwinkle.  The unique cap sleeve is created with thicker bands of hand-woven cotton. The bands are unique and will vary. We trust our seamstress will choose wisely! 

This item is made to order. Please select your ikat fabric pattern.  

Fabric Choices:

  • Pink/Periwinkle (as shown)
  • Soft Lime
  • Black/Gold
  • Pink Sidestep (chevron)


This garment is made of entirely hand-woven fabric, and custom crafted in Uzbekistan.

This item was made by Bibi Hanum, Uzbekistan.
Price: $148.00

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