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Woven Leather Tote

NIHAL, in Marrakech, Morocco

I first discovered these bags in 2011. I’ve been overstuffing one of these tote’s ever since.  Every time I travel and put my far too old and heavy laptop in. Then I add my camera, lens, ipad, jewelry, makeup, scarf, sweater, itinerary, guidebook (yup, still buy them), airport magazines, candy, water, lunch….etc., and when I can barely lift it I expect it will be the day a strap finally starts to give…?!? NO!

No, 5+ years later, my handcrafted, woven leather tote still gets overstuffed on a regular basis!  The leather is hand-cut and then handwoven into cotton and leather fabric on wide foot looms. The bags are suede lined, have two large side pockets with zip closures, and a magnetic top closure. The straps are a contrasting leather.

Available colors include:
Pearly Blue | Mexican Weave | Black strap (shown)
Silver | Mexican Weave | Brown strap (shown)

*side note, it also folds beautifully and compactly into my luggage if I prefer. I don’t travel without it.


Also Available:
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This item was made by NIHAL, in Marrakech, Morocco.
Price: $495.00

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