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Woven Hobo, Silver & Gold

Marrakech Morocco

I NEVER travel without this perfect cross-body bag!

Leather is hand cut into perfect, straight strips that are then hand-loom woven into fabric. The Hobo has a suede lining, two inside pockets, zip-closure, and the tell-tale Moroccan tassel and fringe. The hand-braided leather strap makes this the perfect cross-body bag for running everyday errands or travel!

Silver in Mexican Weave – with dark grey strap
Gold in Mexican Weave – with ecru strap
Black in Peruvian Weave – with black strap

The Hobo is also available in Turquoise Silver, Pearly White, and Fuchsia

I’ve carried the same Mexican Weave bag in Gold since I met Nihal in 2011. I’m continually amazed by how many things I can stuff (buy) into the bag, and the weight it can hold year after year! I’m always holding a camera, changing lens, balancing an iPad, and going in and out of my bag while traveling in unknown cities around the world. A detail I love, I can operate the zip closure with one hand! The cross-body strap keeps my hands free to juggle my camera, lens, tape measure, notebook, wallet, all while playing it cool and keeping my valuables tight to my body.


This item was made by Marrakech Morocco.
Price: $345.00

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