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Luz Baby Alpaca Scarf

Uqllu, Peru

The Luz is a traditional scarf, elegant for men and women with it’s classic diamond weave.  100% baby alpace, hand-woven.

The alpaca is a crucial component of life in the Andes Mountains of South America.  The alpaca’s fleece produces a near perfect fiber; silky smooth and soft, durable and water resistant, lofty yet provides superior warmth.  Peruvian men and women have been among the best weavers of the world for thousands of years.

Baby Alpaca is considered super fine, and warmer than sheep’s’ wool.  It is also hypoallergenic (alpaca do not produce lanolin.) Some Uqllu scarves blend alpaca with silk or bamboo. 

Pam American Silver Peru social responsibility division created Uqllu; training, tools, looms, workrooms, decent hours and fair pay are all provided to local Peruvian artisan weavers. Profits from the sale of Uqllu scarves are distributed to the artisans.  A Curated World hopes to help Uqllu grow sustainable partnerships in the communities they work. Read post here


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This item was made by Uqllu, Peru.
Price: $90.00

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