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A Curated World is about doing what I love most: exploring the markets and bazaars, meeting with respected artisans and dealers and discovering authentic and high quality goods. Shop Real Time is a hands-on, behind the scenes look at my journey through different countries as a buyer.


Shop Real Time is an on-line Pop Up Store. You shop in REAL TIME with me while I’m on location in a dynamic, trendsetting city like Istanbul, Lima, or Singapore or exploring local markets around New England. It’s a simple way to explore and shop a city’s artisan studios, antiques stores, and flea markets, in real time with me leading the way. It’s armchair shopping at its finest.


Shop Kay's Peru Catalog

Shop Kay’s Peru Catalog

Purchasing takes 3 simple steps:

       1. EMAIL your selections to asap to *reserve.

2. RECEIVE a Paypal Invoice from Kay (Paypal accounts are NOT required).

3. PAY your PayPal invoice by before each sale’s end-date. We’ll ship your items directly to you.


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Sometimes, we use a Pinterest board is your Shopping Catalog, and will include photographs of each item, as well as information on size, material, provenance, and price. We’ll note if an item is sold as a pair, or if it has a unique history or purpose. You will see new items daily. Sales last from three days to three weeks depending on our travel schedule!

Each item will have a unique PRODUCT NUMBER. Email us at immediately to reserve your choices – note each product number and quantity!

Each night we will send out PayPal invoices with complete product details and estimated shipping charges. Invoices must be paid to guarantee goods.

Things to remember:

–Our daily emails will NOT reflect Kay’s Complete Collection – more items will be available online.
–You do NOT need a Pinterest account to view our SHOP REAL TIME COLLECTIONS.
–Include Product Numbers and quantity in your purchase request.
–Include your complete name, shipping address, and telephone number in your purchase email.
–You may add items to an open invoice at any time.
–You may have multiple Invoices. We welcome this!   *We will adjust shipping accordingly.
–You may pay a PayPal invoice at any time prior to a sale’s end-date.
–You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay an invoice via this service.
–Shipping will be added to your PayPal invoice per standard UPS Ground/USPS service quotes.
–Invoices may be adjusted any time prior to payment.
–All Sales Are Final Per payment.
–We can’t guarantee availability of Real-Time items via our website.

*Any order invoice not paid in full by the end-date of our sale will not be filled. We will reach out to anyone with an open invoice prior to canceling.

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