Food and Culture

From the stalls of Jemaa el fna where you can make a meal of snails and calf brains to the rooftops of the medina where classic tagines, fruit, and chocolate pastilla can be enjoyed under the stars, eating in Marrakech can take many forms – and all of them are delicious. The food here represents the influences of Spain, Italy, Africa and Eastern Europe upon Moroccan culture -evident not only in the flavors of the food, but also in Marrakech’s architecture, art, and design.

When not shopping or planning a next meal, take the time to wander the medina or another of Marrakech’s atmospheric neighborhoods, gaze upon the buildings painted in pink, yellow, and ochre, or visit one of the city’s many art or culture museums. For Marrakech is a city at a literal and cultural crossroads, waiting to be explored.

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