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Kay McGowan is on a shopping adventure and has discovered a way for you to come along!


I’ve been visiting Istanbul, Turkey for the past few weeks, doing what I love most: exploring the markets and bazaars, and meeting with respected artisans and dealers to discover the most authentic and high quality goods that Istanbul has to offer. Join me by following A Curated World’s Pinterest board: SHOP ISTANBUL.

Shop Real Time is almost like shopping with me – a simple way to explore and shop a city’s artisan studios, antique stores, and flea markets, in real time with me leading the way.

On October 9-14 you’ll be able to shop my favorite home and lifestyle finds directly from our Pinterest board: SHOP ISTANBUL.

When our sale starts on Thursday, October 9, at 12:00pm, noon ET you’ll follow 4 simple steps to Shop Real Time…

  1. Shop my discoveries each day on our Shop Istanbul Pinterest board.
  2. Email your selections to immediately to reserve.
  3. Keep your invoice OPEN and add items daily… We encourage this!
  4. Then remember to pay your invoice via PayPal on *October by 12:00pm, noon ET. *Extended – end date TBD, likely by October ~17th.

*Join our MAILING LIST to receive daily updates, including special offers! Complete details can be found HERE

A Curated World has come here to discover the luxury craft that has risen out of this city’s enriching artistry and techniques that have been used since the Ottoman Empire. Does any city better represent the melding of cultural influences, traditional craft and modern design than Istanbul? During this shopping experience, we hope you’ll all be transported to the bustling Grand Bazaar as our nightly e-mails describe every detail of each product and share our journey.



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