Exploring the Grand Bazaar, Bayram and The Golden Horn


In 1926 the Irish poet William Butler Yeats wrote Sailing to Byzantium: “I have sailed the seas and come to the holy city of Byzantium.” I got here by flying American Airlines from Boston to Chicago to London, and finally to Istanbul, arriving exhausted, at midnight. Does any city better represent the melding of cultural influences, traditional craft and modern design than Istanbul?  I’ve come to Istanbul to discover today’s crafts that have risen out of artistry and...

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Discovering a Soul Connection with Colombia


A Curated World enlists Travel Ambassadors to source MARKET FINDS from all corners of the globe. Follow Melissa Clarke as she guest curates our Instagram while discovering Colombia for the first time. We have so many talented friends with a brilliant “eye” for objects and fashion that delight. Furthermore, these friends either live or travel all over the world. So we’re becoming a bit of a voyeur as these style ambassadors lead us to treasure! Art therapist, style guru Melissa...

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Back to Bohemian Roots: Barranco


I had such an adventure in Peru. The flight to Lima and the invite to Peru Gift Show were a complete surprise, and I wanted to make the most of a super cool opportunity. I stayed in Miraflores at the top of Parque Kennedy, a large square lined with art vendors and cafes. This is a bustling, urban upper-class section of the city. The neighborhood also struck me as party central with music, fireworks and voices being heard throughout the night. With only four days, I wanted to focus on exploring...

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Uqllu: Weaving Alpaca in the Andes


Pan America Silver Corp is a mining company based in Vancouver, BC and Morococha, Peru.  Their social responsibility division created Uqllu, a company committed to showcasing Peruvian craftsmanship, providing additional economic opportunity for mining communities. Peruvian weavers are among the best in the world, and alpaca from the Andes Mountain region are revered. The alpaca is a crucial component of life in the Andes Mountains of South America.  The alpaca’s fleece produces a near...

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All Poufs Are Not Created Equal


The pouf is so popular today that it would be easy to forget that a few years ago most people would say “what is a pouf?” The headless queen herself, Marie Antoinette, would not criticize you if you claimed it as an 18th century hairstyle. I received my first Moroccan pouf from dear friends in 2002. It was butter-soft ivory leather with lime green stitching. It has sat prominently in all my living rooms since. A reminder that age-old design never tires. These friends had moved to Marrakech....

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The Perfect Summer Wrap


I remember one year ‘it’ was a paper thin black t-shirt. More recently ‘it’ was a linen tank top dress with a drawstring empire waist. It’s a black maxi dress. It’s a pink silk-tiered skirt… the ‘it’ I am talking about is the one perfect stylish, comfortable, versatile, cool piece in every woman’s wardrobe that gets thrown on again and again all summer-long. This summer’s IT is a flowing tie-dyed pink and yellow cover up brought to us by Aya’s of Marrakech. I...

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The Story of Kif Kif


I first visited Marrakech in 2009. I walked, talked, and shopped for 10 days – heaven found. I tend to wear all black, but I found myself drawn to the colorful necklaces, flaming embroidered pillows and bright leather clutches of one shop in particular, Kif Kif. Jump ahead to 2011. I am trying to find a ‘fixer’ in Marrakech, a person who can facilitate meeting all the needs of A Curated World. A woman named Stef was recommended several times. She “owns a shop called Kif Kif.” I...

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Shop Akkal


Akkal means clay in Berber. To me it just sounded like a lovely name of a company, something that rolled off the tongue, but as a pottery studio it made perfect sense. We met Charlotte Barkowski on our second day of filming in Marrakech. We started her interview at the parent showroom, Fenyadi, a lovely two story expansive shop in the industrial area outside Marrakech city proper known as Sidi Ghanem. It was lovely, but stark and white and could have been a showroom in any city. Things...

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7 Great Restaurants: Casual Lunch to Upscale Dinner


Le Riad Monceau If you want a classic Moroccan meal in a romantic setting with a fantastic wine list… go to Le Riad Monceau. Located a very short walk from Djemaa El Fna and down a narrow alley – the splendor of this house is enough, but the food that comes from the kitchen allows the day to melt away. Décor aside, it is the renowned artist Isabelle Aubry’s large scale artwork that sets the riad’s elegant tone.  (7/8 derb Chaabane, Riad Zitoun Lakdim, Marrakech Medina 011 212 524...

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Meet Fashion Designer Nawel – Owner of Aya


Nawal, remarkable fashion designer native to Marrakech, takes Kay on a tour of her studio, Aya, and the two discuss building a global community of artisans.

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