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Kay has spent her life shopping the world and finding truly stunning handcrafted gems. She’s developed an eye through years of experience buying for Mohr & McPherson and similar stores. She wanted a way to bring us all along and share her experiences with us. A Curated World is an innovative way for us all to discover and access a vast global community of exceptional designers and makers who are tapping into the aesthetic roots of where they live and work.

A Curated World travels to fascinating destinations, where Kay McGowan finds an exclusive selection of lifestyle and home goods being created by authentic and amazingly skilled local trendsetters and artisans.

She highlights the cultural and historical influences on design, and the relationship between high quality craftsmanship and the finished product. Don’t be surprised when the handbag or tunic she chooses in Marrakech shows up walking down the Champs Elysees.

It means we do not stock or pre-make any item. Each piece is made-to-order for you specifically.

Using the power of video, we create intimate travel experiences by piecing together a mosaic of personal stories, images, and anecdotes that come directly from the local craft community. You can enjoy these unique insights from home, or use them as exciting city guides when you travel to these far-flung destinations!

We hope you explore and shop with us and enjoy the journey as much as we do!

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