All Poufs Are Not Created Equal

The pouf is so popular today that it would be easy to forget that a few years ago most people would say “what is a pouf?” The headless queen herself, Marie Antoinette, would not criticize you if you claimed it as an 18th century hairstyle.

I received my first Moroccan pouf from dear friends in 2002. It was butter-soft ivory leather with lime green stitching. It has sat prominently in all my living rooms since. A reminder that age-old design never tires.

These friends had moved to Marrakech. They were both artists and had heads for business. They scoured their way down every alley of the souks searching for the very best sources. They understood that all are not equal. Years later they would launch Zid Zid Kids.

The pouf is generally made by hand-stitching eight pieces of leather together to create a round ottoman-like structure. We recognize the traditional natural brown hides and neutral decorative embroidered tops. That has all changed! Today they come in every bright color you can dream of with contrasting colorful stitches.

All poufs are not equal. You want a thick goat hide that has been expertly tanned to be durable, yet flexible and soft. Most importantly, you want the dye to be fast, to not run or fade. The makers of the best poufs use thick hides and heavy-duty threads on thick needles and have strong arms from expertly embroidering thousands of stitches. Theirs are the poufs that will someday be called vintage!

Classic pouf – this is truly a stunning pouf made from hand-cut, hand-woven leather fabric! A pouf in a class of luxury of it’s own!

Our tough and colorful vinyl versions for kids!

And see Nihal’s exquist square poufs made from hand woven leather fabric – a truly remarkable evolution from the traditional design.”

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