The Perfect Summer Wrap

I remember one year ‘it’ was a paper thin black t-shirt. More recently ‘it’ was a linen tank top dress with a drawstring empire waist. It’s a black maxi dress. It’s a pink silk-tiered skirt… the ‘it’ I am talking about is the one perfect stylish, comfortable, versatile, cool piece in every woman’s wardrobe that gets thrown on again and again all summer-long.

This summer’s IT is a flowing tie-dyed pink and yellow cover up brought to us by Aya’s of Marrakech.

I discovered this item while traveling last December. We were underdressed for the cold Marrakech winter nights, bundled up on an Essaouira coastal roof deck, and definitely not thinking of the beach or a hot summer’s night.

Nawal, owner and designer behind the venerable Aya’s clothing boutique in Marrakech, expertly directed our attention to this seemingly simple garment. She schooled us on the many ways to wear her Poncho. Stef of Kif Kif graciously modeled on your behalf. I particularly love the belted look. Notice how the belt snakes under the garment in the back!

The Poncho is 100% cotton and hand dyed with natural pigments by the women of a cooperative south of the city. Remember that no two are alike. We will labor over the selection on your behalf. You may specify Vibrant or Earthy color tones and wait to be surprised!

Nawal was born and raised in Marrakech. Her commitment to culture, quality, and community make her a perfect Curated World designer.


  1. I love this. really stunning piece.

  2. I imagine you would need to be tall and gorgeous to pull this off nicely!

    • My friend Stef was our model when we shot this little “how to” video. She is only about 5’6″. That said, she is slight. The belted style worked really well on her frame. I am fairly robust 😉 I looked better wearing it open over a black dress (a few nights later). The similar shirt-style looks great on me. I wear it with skinny jeans and heals! Cheers – K

  3. very nice kay! i love how you describe each product which such passion, obviously because you loved each one yourself. The videos are so well made and natural. you really portray the product’s story giving it more meaning. you bring alive 🙂
    congratulations on this site
    ingrid (casa allpa, Peru)

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