Seeing Small, An Artist Profile

Simon Sailot studied graphic design for five years in Paris at l’ESAG Penninghen, an experience he cherishes greatly. Following his studies, he decided some time abroad was the next logical step. He landed in Marrakech for what was supposed to be a short period of time. Ten years later, Sailot is still living in the Moroccan city, where he works as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. Being a graphic designer by trade, photography is a craft he developed to compliment his skills in the former field. It is only recently that he allowed himself to view photography as an art medium and explore it as such. He already has several artistic photography series under his belt and is determined to pursue his exploration of this medium.

Sailot is passionate about the image and the creative possibilities offered by the combination of different photography and computer techniques. For him, a good command of these techniques opens up a multitude of different creative worlds. The photographs from the Little Big Kech series are produced using the Tilt-Shift technique. This photographic process consists of creating an artificial depth of field that affects our perception of the scale of the scene being photographed, perceiving it as a miniature. This results in a sequence of perplexing images of Marrakech where the viewer can recognize the reality of the true to size scene being depicted in the precision of the details, while at the same time viewing it as a miniature. This effect can be even more disconcerting if the viewer is familiar with the place being portrayed.

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  1. Just amazing pictures, I can not find words!
    I would love to meet you and to see more!


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